Heart Shape Frame with epoxy

Heart Shape Frame

Today June 10th, 2015 My wife and I has been married for fifteen years. As also I wait till the last minute to make or do anything for her. Here is the gift I will give her when she comes home from work. A heart shape picture frame that I used epoxy to hold the picture in with. The epoxy seemed to be harder then I was thought. I had some issue getting it to come out good. I got to the stage of OK, but will have to attempt this again. Once a get my CNC machine from Inventables I will have to try this again.

I took some time getting the lay out of the boards just right and came up with a pretty good wood grain a wood mix. I used Walnut and Maple.

Haert Frame (29)After three time using different epoxy I got to put some Lacquer on it.

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