Hair Brush

I have had this idea for a while. I went back a forth about making the bristles everything I thought of wasn’t very good. I came across a palm brush made by Conair. I purchased it here. The brush was perfect for my needs, it didn’t come with a handle and easy to adapted to a home made handle. Check out the walnut handle I created for this brush. You may remember that I made a walnut mirror back in January for my wife’s birthday. This brush completes this set. I may do tooth brushes in the future. 

Hair Brush Video

Started with a walnut board 10″ by 5″ then I marked out about where the brush will be inserted. At the other end of the board I glued 1″ by 5″ in the middle on both sides. After I glued these I realized the one side had to come off so I could rout out where the brush was going. I didn’t have enough clearance for the router.
Clamped the board to the work surface. Start routeing, stay well inside your lines. I used a 1/4 bowl bit. Plunge into the middle, work in a circular motion until you get close to the line. Take multiple shallow passes will ensure control. This step took a good 40 minutes, take your time you get one shot. Keep test fitting till you get a tight fit. You are basically inlaying the brush into the wood.
Once the brush is fitted, glue the other 1″ by 5″ board on. The board should look something like the picture on the left. After the glue dries you can cut the basic shape of the brush out at the band saw and mount it to the lathe between centers.
WARNNING!!! MAKE SURE YOUR PIECE IS FIRMLY MOUNTED AND ALL LOCK DOWN ARE LOCKED. Before you turn the lathe on spin the piece and shake it make sure its mounted correctly. A small lathe will probably vibrate a little it will smooth out once it trued up.
At this stage you want to concentrate on only the handle. Have a plan going in to this step. You want to make sure the grip feels good in your hand. Be aware of the head side of the brush (top side) it will not be turned, but it will be turning lots of air.  Try not to get your tool into the top side at all, there could be a catch and fly off the lathe. My design was straight forward a bead at the bottom and a bead/cove at the top.
Now the brush is on the same plan there is more control at the band saw. Refine the head shape.  Use every sander you got to get to the shape you like. The most effective sander for me was the disc sander. I still had to hand sand to fine turn it.
Do yourself a favor a make a jam chuck. This was a scrap 2″ x 2″ x 3″ I used the forstner bit to drill out a hole to fit the handle into. This allowed me to redefine the handle to head conversation. In my opinion this can make your break the project. I wanted it to seamlessly transfer from handle to head. I believe this was the easiest way to do it. I think this is the best part about my brush. I’m very pleased how it turned out.
vlcsnap-2000You can see here how easy it was to shape that transition. In the jam chuck put a paper towel in first to help get a tight fit. The tail stock is there only for extra safety. Remove the point from the center as well that way you don’t a have a hole in the top. Any marks left by the tail stock can be sanded out. Just about done!!!
vlcsnap-00028Hot glue a string to the center and hung it to spay on three coats of lacquer.

Don’t forget to check out the video for the Brush and the Mirror. Leave me a comment let me know what you think.

Thanks you for taking the time to read and watch the video.

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