Garden of Innocence

April Wilerson Does a great job Explaining the build:

Garden of Innocence ®

Thank You, April Wilkerson for bring this to all of our attention. I think this is a fantastic organization.

I was touched by the project build that you did, as it hits home for me. I lost my first born and we had a burial for him. This was one of the hardest days I had ever lived. To have babies out there being abandoned this is not exceptionable.

I will build this URN and send it out soon. April did the video back in June and I have tried to build this a few times sense then. With this project and topic, its hard for me even talk or write about it. I remember seeing April’s video and I started getting choked up and even sitting hear now writing, it tough for me.

Once I get this done I will update this blog and show pictures their will not be a video on this, as I think April did a great job with it back in June.

Full Step by Step Tutorial by: April Wilkerson’s blog.

I have the plans to build this URN in PDF Listed below.