Fingernail Drawer Upgrade

I had to make something for my wife. She needed to get a bit more organized with her nail care. She asked if I could make dividers in her Nail Polish draw. I really didn’t have the scrap wood laying around, but I do have 1/4″ Polypropylene.

Here how I did it.

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Fingernail Draw (1)

This is a picture of a draw out of my bathroom.

Fingernail Draw (2)

My wife uses it to store all her fingernail Polish and other nail care related stuff.

Fingernail Draw (3)

I started by cutting draw liner to width and length. My draw inside diminutions is 9 1/2″ X 15 1/2″

Fingernail Draw (5)

I use spay glue to hold the liner down.

Fingernail Draw (6)

I set the fence 2″ and cut my stock. Today i’m, using 1/4″ Black Polypropylene.
Fingernail Draw (7)Ripped the Poly down to 2″ strips. I had some of this laying around.
Fingernail Draw (10)After ripping, I setup the miter gauge and cross cut to length. I needed:
1 at 9.5″     3 at 9″      1 at 6.25″     1 at 3.5″
Fingernail Draw (11)Each size I used the stop block to set the length. A scrap piece of wood works well with a clamp.
Fingernail Draw (8)On one long side I rounded over with an 1/8″ round over bit. I ran it on both sides leaving a completely rounded edge.

Fingernail Draw (9)

This is the mess the router makes .

Fingernail Draw (12)

I picked one of the largest Polish bottle, used it to set the distance between the blade and fence. I used this to rip a few small spacers to equally space the dividers.

Fingernail Draw (13)

I recruited my daughter to get the polish out of the draw.
Fingernail Draw (14)Here is a dry fit. You can see here those spacers in use.
Fingernail Draw (15)I think it will work, lets glue it. Umm, what kind of glue, this is Plastic?
Fingernail Draw (17)Loctite Epoxy should work.
Fingernail Draw (16)A few clamps will hold the epoxy while it drys.
Fingernail Draw (18)Here you go wife.

I love you