Electrical Panel Door

Electrical Panel Door

At my full time job. I have this electrical panel that is in the perfect location for me to hang my schedules and other reports. I don’t want customers to see this. I also know my boss won’t like the reports to be hung there insight of customers. I came up with this idea to build door without mounting anything to the electrical panel. I basically build a cabinet door and frame to hang on the panel. I used rare earth magnets on the back side of the frame to hold the door frame. I was kind of worried that it wouldn’t hold. It’s been a week now and seems to be just fine. My boss approves and the staff  likes the easy access to the schedule. It also makes my job a pitch easier. Although I write the schedule, I cant remember it. I know when people needs to be at work and when they leave.

Elcr. Panel (33)The door works very well and I,m pleased on the way it turn out. All that’s left is paint it the stores colors.

Elcr. Panel (4)I cut right into my brand new grr-ripper. I guess this is better then my finger.

The overlay is easy to figure. Set the combination square to .5″ and make a mark in the corners. Then measure from mark to mark. to get the final door size. I also use this to make sure things are square.

Elcr. Panel (23)

Love Jolly Ranchers Candy!!!!

This style door is very easy. Half the battle is getting the right size pieces. Once you have the four parts. Step one, run a dado the thickness of your panel my case it was .25″. Set the dado blade as close to center as possible. Run one pass, then turn the other face on the fence make another pass. This will assure your groove is in the center. Step two, Have to set the blade height to just under the thickness of 1/3″ of the piece. Step three. need to set the fence to the width of depth of the dado. With a miter slide cut the piece on both sides. Step four, test fit.

Elcr. Panel (22)Easiest part cut panel to size.

Elcr. Panel (24)Fit the panel inside the frame and glue in strong enough to hold this door together.

Elcr. Panel (30)Turned a simple knob, mostly because I was waiting on glue to dry.
Elcr. Panel (31)It’s hard to show the full picture in my small space.


The final resting place for this project. Our work uniforms are dorky, Right?