Sweep sawdust away

Dust Collector Sweep

Are you tied of looking for a dust pan? I have this nasty problem in my shop. When I do sweep the floor I can never find the dust pan. Let see if we can fix this problem and make life just a pitch easier.

After cutting the strips of 1.5″ plywood. I found center on the main board. This was scrap wood so didn’t even measure the board, I just went with it. I drilled out two hole to fit the jig saw into and cut a circle. I trimmed the circle till the blast gate fits into it. The 1.5 striped I placed in an angle to try to capture as much dust as possible. I put the weather stripping on the bottom to help seal to the concrete. Then I hooked up all the tube and various blast gates to the dust collector. I glad this is done and it makes it so much easier to get the dust off the floor.

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