Drill Press Table Accessories

Drill Press Accessories

In follow up from last weeks project the Drill Press Table, here are some add-on’s. First thing that was made is a simple stop block. A very simple design to make use of the T-Track that was installed. The next thing that was made are roller hold downs. Is that the right name for them? Anyway that what i’m calling them today. They work very well for dowel joinery. Simply push your work piece on the fence and push the hold down against it. Let the wheels do the rest.

The wheel used was a 2 inch rubberized wheel. I drilled out the rivet that  held the assembly together. I used the wheel and trashed the rest of it.
The main part of this build is a piece of plywood. 2.5″ X 8″. Marked out and cut a relief so the wheel will have the clearance. Drilled a 1/4″ hole for the wheel. Then I repeated the steps to make three of them.
 The slots are 4″ long and each part has two. This makes it adjustable.  To assemble this you will need 4 washers, 2 wing nuts, 1 locking nut, 1 wheel, 1 – 2″ 1/4 bolt, 2 – 1.5″ 1/4″ bolt. Follow the video for more instructions.
Testing the jig, place the work piece against the fence. Then adjust the hold down to press against the work piece. Repeat this for the second and third hold down. Slide the piece to your mark  and drill the hole. Repeat the adjustment till all the holes are drilled. Drill the holes closer together to make a mortise.

T-Track Link

Follow the same steps from above to make dowel joints.
All said and done the project worked out very well and I look forward to the years of use I’ll get out of it. Thanks for your support. If you haven’t done so already sign up for my new letter so you don’t miss out on any content.