Drill Bit Storage

Drill Bit Storage

This week I had some guest over to the shop Bob Blandford @ RJB Woodturner, Cory Irwin @ Black WidowWorks, and Guy Dunlap @ Guy’s Woodshop. We hung out all day and made four shop projects. One of things we wanted to do is make a project on the fly. This mean we had no idea what we was going to be making until that day. My first project posted on YouTube was a deck of card made from a 2×4. I have been having woodworkers sign them as I meet them. We laid out those signed card and drew a random name. What ever name was drawn you had to build something from there list of project. I got to do a project for Cory. Cory did a project for me. Bob did one for Guy and Guy did one for Bob. These other project can be found on there channels. vlcsnap-00020I see trouble here!!

  I started this project at the miter saw rough cut 8″ wide plywood to length. Once I got the wood to manageable pieces to take to the table saw.  At the table saw I used the stop block at on the fence and using the miter gauge I cut the piece to final length of 10″ I cut 8 of these. I only used 7 of them. Off camera 3 of the layers was shorten in width. I ripped one to 6 5/8″, one to 5 1/4″, and the last one to 3 7/8″. These layers will create the stepped tear.

Drill Bit Storage

Glue each layer together, I used pin nails to help with alignment. Be sure you put those nails in a location where the drill bit not going to hit it.


Lay out the holes Each layer has eight holes.
Have fun drilling 32 holes!!! I used 1 1/16″ forstner bit.


For making all the way to the end here is some bloopers for ya