Dovetail Challenge

Dove Tail?

Dove tail who needs them? Should you know how to do it? Is it worth doing them?
My answer to all of these questions is Yes and No. I think if you want the traditional look of dove tails and in some project it looks good and works well. I also think if you don’t need them and there is faster way I would go that route. I do think it’s a good skill to have. There will be a project that comes up some day that dove tails will make or break the project. Learn it and  use it when necessary. If your one of those guys or gals that know how to do them and its easy for you, go for it. I on the other hand will be taking my time to learn them.

  Jason McGinn and I teamed up to learn this skill. We both did videos showing our first dove tail. We would like to see you first dovetails let us know if you did it and we will add you to the playlist. Below is my process. All inspired by Matt Cremona and Nick Ferry they teamed up and Matt showed Nick how to do dove tails. Thanks for the inspiration Matt and Nick.