Dollar Shave Club

 Are you tired of buying Razors at your local store for $25.00?

I have been referred to Dollar Shave Club by a co-worker to try it out. When I logged in the first time I couldn’t believe the cost on these high quality razors. I sign up right away. I choose The 4X blade at $6.00/mo. Ive been using them for about two week now. I’ll tell you, they are better then the $25.00 blades I have been buying.


You should join me in Dollar Shave Club. Their plans start at $3/month and they have a money back guarantee. So there’s really no excuse not to join. Check them out and let me know what you think. Who knows, after a few silky smooth, fresh blade shaves, you could end up extremely good looking, like me.

P.S. When you use this link to join, I get $5. Cha-ching!

I know, I know you thinking this has nothing to do with wood working why are you posting this?

Well the picture cool and it has a wood back ground to it 🙂

And it also gives you a chance to build one of these:


Jason McGinn sent me this razor stand and I love it.

Thanks Jason