Do you turn into a Troll when you’re hungry?

Do you turn into a Troll when you’re hungry?

I found this great definition of a YouTube troll at Urban Dictionary: The disgusting creatures known as YouTube trolls are losers who have nothing better to do than sit on their computers all day and start arguments on YouTube. Beware the trolls, as some may unite against certain groups or videos on YouTube and their supporters. For example, they may gang up and vote each other’s comments up and flag every other comment as spam. They’ll then feed off of the madness of the arguments they start. The best way to combat YouTube trolls is to ignore them and block them.

Personally, I haven’t dealt with this to much. I think I have great fans and any bad or unusual comments I’ve gotten is constructive criticism. I believe people are just trying to help me. Constructive criticism I support. I feel if you tell me I’m wrong on something, I can learn from it.
With that being said if you are rude, disrespectful to me, my family, friends or my channel. I will delete the comment and add you to my Banned User list on my channel.

I hope you enjoyed the video it was fun to make and I know its not woodworking related. I have to have fun as well.

Thanks you, loving and loyal fans.

YouTube Troll