Display Case

Display Case Build using the Evenly Spaced Dado jig!!!

Display Box (1)

To start you need to know the space between the dado and know the size of the dado. In this case 1/4 for the dado and a 2″ space . Cut a small piece of wood the same size of the dado. Glue the piece down to the jig with the space between the blade and the left side of the glued down strip.

Display Box (2)Mount a toggle clamp to the jig and you can hold down another piece of wood for more flexablity. Here the spacing changed to 2 1/2″.

Display Box (3)

Made shallower dados for the dividing parts, only about 1/12th inch.

Display Box (4)

Dado on both sides to provide support for all the dividers.

Display Box (5)

After cutting the shallow dados on each end of the board and on both sides. Set up a stop block and cut the boards to length.

Display Box (6)

Here is the test fit process even without glue, it fits and holds quite well. The end peices only have the shallow dado on one side to give the outside frame a complete look.

Display Box (8)

Cut and glue the hard board to the back and apply two coats of lacquer.

Display Box (9)

I think for this particular project it would look best displayed on a wall. With the chess pieces in the display case, this would make a great showcase for the entire chess set.