DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Lift Arm “The Lifter Review”

DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Lift Arm “The Lifter Review”

Frank Carey at at was good enough to send me “The Lifter” for a product review. You can see the install here:

My opinion: The product works very well. It does exactly what I expected. Holds the arm of the scroll saw up. In fact it worked better then expected, because it is a one hand operation. Lift the arm up and it latch catches the provided hook on its own.
My Opinion: The instructions was written well and easy to follow.
My opinion: The kit came with everything I needed. The product was very well packed and not damaged or missing parts.
My opinion: The price point is not bad. at $29.95 + Shipping. I would say if you love scrolling and do lots of pierce cuts, buy one.
My opinion: I notice a rattle noise after install. It was due to the metal washers at the hook end of the lifter. I feel this could be fixed by simple nylon washers. I also found out you can barley hear the noise over the noise of the saw. I have left the Lifter along and have not made any changes. I can live with the noise. It really is not worth the hassle to changes the washer.
A slight mod has to be made on the housing to install this tool, No problem just cut a little notch out. then you can install the latch arm bolt.
On the top of the housing set remove the two bolts, I did mine one at a time. Don’t know if you can remove both at the same time with out miss aligning something. I played it safe. Install the two longer bolts from the Lifter kit. Then on the other side install the Lifter. Order of operation is: wash, Lifter arm, Washer, then a nut. on each bolts.

In action at the point of testing.

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