Cutting Board

Well I thought it was about time I tried doing a cutting board. I think it a unwritten rule that every woodworker has to do a cutting board. Well now I can say I’ve done one and now I guess I can can myself a woodworker. When I began this project the strips I cut was going to be for a segmented bowl. After getting all the strips cut they looked so good I changed my mind and when with the cutting board.
I had a lot of question and comments about the finger grips. This was done by setting up two stop blocks. Start on one slide into the bit, then side the piece to the other stop block. Make a few passes so you don’t get burn marks or tear out.
vlcsnap-00020As you can tell I am checking out my own work. Love it, I gave it to my mom to test out. We don’t cook at home a whole lot.