Corner Frame, What?

 Corner Frame

Cross cut six 12.5″ X 1.5″ Maple. Using the incra miter gauge and a stop block this makes quick work of a repeated task.

Corner Frame (3)Warning!!! Use the router fence to make this cut. I thought I could run this 1/2″ X 1/4″ rabbet just using the bearing as a guide. I learned the hard way that the router turn really fast. So I got the fence out and put a hold down on the fence. This worked out great and a lot safer.
Corner Frame (4)Don’t forget the label your parts in this case I had three parts the was incidental and the other three was the same just backwards. I label three of them with a 1 and the others with a 2.
Using the 45 degree miter sled setup a stop block this will be easy to do. Just remember to switch sides when turning the piece on edge.
Corner Frame (16)This picture frame will go in the corner as shown. I had to use Sketchup to get the mental image to build this project. What your looking at is how the frame will look on the wall. The picture can be a 3D image where you can look at three sides of the picture and three different angles. I will post the final pictures here when the frame is mounted with glass and the picture.