Build a Computer Desk

Computer Desk

As I was gearing up for my next project, planning, budget, and so on. My wife drops and a bomb on me. She says, “Lets build a computer desk and I want this one.” as she gives me the set of plans. I took a quick glance at it and said you really want this one? The plans was okay, it was simple construction, denominational lumber, and pocket hole joinery. Not at all what I would have done, but it worked out. I told her that WE could due the project but WE have to film it and she does most of the work. I got to admit ,I was hoping she back down from it. That back fired on me and she says OK!!! So here we go.
I first want to apologize. I don’t have the plans for this desk. This is not my design and I can’t seem to find the creator of the design. If I find the creator I will update this post and give the credit where credit is due. For now: to whom it may concern think you for the plans.
For the most part wife, Andrea (AKA Student) she did the work on this desk. I shown her on the first cut and/or setup then she did the rest. When you watch the video I hope that comes across.
The process was the same through out the build. I shown her how to cut something or I shown her how to set the cut up. Then she took over as I observed and filmed.
The top measures at 24″ x 42″ and use birch plywood prefinished. Cover the edges with a trim piece.
The legs are Oak 2 x 2 x 29 1/4″.
Each side consist of three parts 1 x 2 x 21″ (3) and plywood 2 3/4″ x  21″.
Front and Back frames consist of the same three parts as the side just longer 39″
The assembly was easy we cut everything first and pocket hole the parts. The plans wanted to nail the top down to the frame. I chose not to do that and drilled a 3/8 hole in each corner and plugged them with Ebony.
vlcsnap-00018Of coarse we can stop to due the nails with 1200g sandpaper.
The plans had draws included. I know my wife it will get filled up with everything except office supplies. We chose not to due draws but easy to add later if we want.
vlcsnap-00001I think she likes it. The best part is she has time, blood, sweat into building this so I know she will take care of it.