St. Patrick’s Day Clover Coaters

Clover Coasters

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Be safe, Don’t drink and drive.
On to the project, four leaf clover shape drink coasters. Just an added project this week just for fun. I design the shape using SketchUp. Printed a cut it up on a piece of ash. vlcsnap-00001The template was meant to be traced with a flush trim bit with the router. After getting out in the shop and cutting it out, I changed my mind a decided it would be a lot faster with the band saw.
Cutting the ash wood is pretty straight forward. Rip cut to five inches, and cross cut as many as I could at five inches. I used the miter sled to cross cut leave a spacer clamped to the fence well before the blade contact the wood. This will prevent kick back.
Using the template I glued it to one of the 5″ X 5″ boards. I then got the scroll saw out and cut the shape inside and out. Once completed I sanded the whole template. Like I said I thought I was going to use the router to cut the rest of the coasters. Sense I changed my mind this was pointless. I still used the template for the center.
Using  masking tape, tape all the boards together. Traced the template on the stack and cut the whole stack at the band saw. This will go a lot faster then routing them out individually. Use a thin band saw blade to go around all the curves.
vlcsnap-00015Routing out the center is easy with the template. Use double sided tape. Tape the template the the other board, and tape the board to a work surface.
Using white primer it will show up under the green sparkle paint. If you don’t want that look you can prime green or some other color. After the paint dried over night I painted the edges or a solid green this made the piece look a lot better. I also got some cork to put on the bottom.

vlcsnap-00019GOOD, IT FIT MY BEER!!!


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