Clothes Folder

Clothes Folder

Clothes Folder 1st project in the $15 in 15 minutes series. This series can bring lots of little projects that can help make your life easy. The idea here is to due project that solves a need or just something to make life a pinch better. I have a few idea’s for this series and it will mostly cost around $15.00 and take around 15 minutes to make. Hints Project 15/15.  Let see how many project I can come up with. The first project is this clothes folder. I know what your thinking Izzy Swans drill powered one is better and it is. You can build that for $15.00. You might be thinking I can just buy one for $14.99 on Amazon, you sure can. You will also wait 3-5 days and pay shipping. Also not have any fun in your shop. Well lets knock this project out. Here’s how I did it.


2′ x 4′ x 1/8″ MDF or hardboard = $3.19
1 1/16″ x 30″ Piano Hinge = $7.49
Total Project  $10.68


Cut the piano hinge into three sections of eight inches. I used tin snips and an angle grinder to cut the hinge. This can be done easily with a hack saw as well.
Set the fence to nine and a half inches. Cut three strips. you should have 3 – 9.5″ x 24″ boards. Take one of them and cut it in half giving you 2 – 9.5″ x 12″
I first tried hot glue to mount the hinges. After finding out that was not going to work. I then used epoxy and that worked just fine. The board was to thin to put in screws. I would suggest 1/4″ material if you do this. That way you could use screws to mount the hinge.
After testing about thirty fold or so it works great. The epoxy seems to be holding and the shirts come out perfect every time.