A Maker’s Christmas Poem Collaboration

A Maker’s Christmas Poem Collaboration 2016

In 2015, I put together a cast full of makers to read “T’was the night before Christmas” This year I was asked to do it again and full cast showed up and completed two poems this year. The first poem “Christmas is nearly upon us” The second “It’s Christmas Time” Take a look at the line up this year.


2016 Cast Members and Link to their Channels

Christmas is nearly upon

Mike Fulton, Sterling DavisSteve CarmichaelMiter Mike, Jason Rausch,
Chris Cute, Franc SumandlDrew Short,

It’s Christmas time!

Nick Ferry, Willem Kossen, Mark Christopher, Zach Manring,
Laney ShaughnessyBraxton Wirthlin, Russell Caridy

2015 Cast members and Link to their Channels

Mike Fulton, April Wilerson, Drew Short, Jason McGinn, Nick Ferry, Steve Carmichael,
Carl Jacobson, Matt Brander, Trevor Carter, Chris Cute, Braxton Wirthlin, Sterling Davis, Zack Higgins, Andrea Fulton