Charity Work

During the Whirligig contest. each entry submitted money was donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I of course built the Superman Whirligig. This contest was put on by some of my favorite YouTube content providers Laney Shaughnessy and Steve Ramsey. I not only built a Whirligig to help this cause, but after finishing it, I then sold it and sent all the money to Make-A-Foundation. If you would like to help Make-A-Wish by helping them grant a wish to a child here is the link to the Donate Site. Make-A-Wish is a great foundation to get involved in I encourage you to check it out and donate if you can. Also a Local Radio Station does a requestathon every year to raise money for Make-A-Wish. check out theirs this year. 99.5 WZPL. You can stream live from their website or if you live the Indianapolis area you can tune in on the radio at 99.5. To hear the stories from the kids is very moving, don’t forget to grab your tissues.



April Wilerson Does a great job Explaining the build:

Garden of Innocence ®

Thank You, April Wilkerson for being this to my attention. I think this is a fantastic organization. I will help get other work worker building these Cremation Urns.  I was touched by the project build you did, as it hits home me. I lost my first born and we had a burial for him. This was one of the hardest days I had ever lived. To have babies out there being forgot or abandoned this is not exceptionable. I will build this URN a make a video and help you and other workers get involved with this.

You can check out more of April Wilkerson’s on her blog.

I have the plans to build this URN in PDF Listed below.


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As most of you know the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised a ton of money. I have participated in the challenge and nominated by Partrick’s Wook Shop. You can check out Patrick on YouTube by clicking his name. Don’t forget to check out the website to donate to this terrible disease.