Change your Bandsaw Tire

Changing your Bandsaw tire

The best advise I can give you is don’t wait as long as I did. My old tires was so bad they were chipping off. They were old, gray and brittle.

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Remove both wheels from the saw. (Reverse thread) You also may need a gear puller for the bottom wheel.

I tried, more or less to see if it could be done, just putting the tire on the wheel. This tire was not heated or preped in any way. Let me tell ya don’t do it this way. follow the steps below.
Heat up water to 120°. put the tire in the water for 5-6 mins. then start the tire on one side and hold it with a clamp.

start wrapping the tire around the wheel until its as far around the wheel with no effort. Hold the wheel with your foot and pull up on the tire wrapping it the rest of the way around the wheel. You may want to have gloves on. Once the tire is around the wheel and seated your done.

Reinstall the wheels, remember reverse threads on the nut. Setup your bandsaw to track the blade.

Watch the video for even more details.
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