Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair

The rocking chair that i’v build is a replica of my grandparents chair. This chair has been in the family for a long time, 40yrs at least. This has a whole new set of challenges for me. I have never build any kind of, what I would call, fine furniture. I have been planning to build this for about ten years. 2016 Easter the family was at my mom’s house and we got to talking about it. I decided to just bring it home. Once I did that I dug right in. Thank to Bob Lee for donating the lumber for this project

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Dum-Dum Sucker Tree

Dum-Dum Tree

Do you need to get rid of scrap wood? here’s an idea. The Dum-Dum Sucker Tree made entirely out of scrap wood. This project is a great sucker tree. It could be a decorative piece as well, just don’t do the last step. I have to admit on the last step where I drilled the holes in it made me cry a little.  The tree turned out well. Check it out!

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Checkered Pen

Checkered Pattern Pen

While waiting on the CNC X-Carve to carve out a project. I thought I would play with a pen pattern I have been thinking of. I didn’t record any of the blank process, but I’m including the blank instruction here today. Over all the pen turned out great and I’m very pleased with how it looks. Although it’s not what I was expecting it still the best pen I’ve done to date.

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Segmented Lamp

Segmented Lamp

We have had this ugly lamp in the bedroom for years. I don’t even know where it came from. I have always hated it and want to tear it apart someday and build my own. I was telling a good friend of mine that I was thinking of building a lamp and I had this old ugly lamp that I could get the hardware from. I was telling him the idea I had and wasn’t sure if it would work. His reply was classic, “I would rather have an ugly lamp I made vs just an ugly lamp.” I could have put it better. Thank you Matt Stansberry for the wood for the project and the never ending motivation. Can’t wait till your a YouTuber.

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Two Tier Candy Dish

Two Tier Candy Dish

Sometimes I get the lathe bug. I just have to turn something. In this project I started with the staves glue up. I cut six scrap pieces on walnut and maple. They was about 1 1/2″ width and about 20″ long. I cut 30 degree on each edge to form a hexagon stave. Well lets jump into this project here are some pictures showing the glue up. Continue reading “Two Tier Candy Dish”

Hair Brush

I have had this idea for a while. I went back a forth about making the bristles everything I thought of wasn’t very good. I came across a palm brush made by Conair. I purchased it here. The brush was perfect for my needs, it didn’t come with a handle and easy to adapted to a home made handle. Check out the walnut handle I created for this brush. You may remember that I made a walnut mirror back in January for my wife’s birthday. This brush completes this set. I may do tooth brushes in the future.  Continue reading “Hair Brush”

Pens, Pens and more Pens

The wife and I turned three pens!!!

IMG_6829The middle and the right are for a give away. You have to check out my FaceBook page to get the details. In this blog I will explain the process of making and teaching how to make them. My wife never turned anything before and did a awesome job on the pen on the left. Don’t forget to go to my YouTube Channel and give her thumbs ups and leave her a comment.

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Epic Fail

Video Link


Playing around in the shop today, working on an idea. My son has these Nintendo figurines that is an add on for a few of his WII-U games. I’m not sure what they do and I think they are called Amiibos. My idea was to make a few pedestal that you could put the Amiibos on top in shape of the plumping pipe from the game. So I glued up some 2X material together and turn the shape on Continue reading “Epic Fail”