Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair

The rocking chair that i’v build is a replica of my grandparents chair. This chair has been in the family for a long time, 40yrs at least. This has a whole new set of challenges for me. I have never build any kind of, what I would call, fine furniture. I have been planning to build this for about ten years. 2016 Easter the family was at my mom’s house and we got to talking about it. I decided to just bring it home. Once I did that I dug right in. Thank to Bob Lee for donating the lumber for this project

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Plywood Cutting Board

Plywood Cutting Board with Inlay

The main purpose of this cutting board was to show off the TigerPly plywood. If you haven’t seen the connect four game yet go check it out. The plywood donated for that project was from TigerPly. I felt I could do a better job showing off the plywood by making a cutting board and really see the end grain of the ply. After making the board I still found no voids in the plywood. This make a great looking effect for a cutting board. Once I got done with the board I rememberedĀ David Picciuto’s video inlay cutting board. I thought it would be a good time to try that inlay technique and add my own inlays.

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Steam Box

Rockler’s Steam Box Kit


I was good enough last last year to get this Awesome wood bending kit for Christmas. I have been wanting to bend wood for a very long time, but it was one of those things IĀ never want to invest the money to try. This past Christmas I got this beginners kit from Rockler and now I ready to try. Just like every thing I do, This will be an ongoing learning curve. I invite you to join the process and this is step one in this life long journey.

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