Music Wall Art

Music Wall Art

Near the beginning of the school year my daughter started band, she playing the alto saxophone, the same instrument I played when I was in school. I had this idea to make a music stand. The back board was going look like sheet music. Well my first attempt failed and was unable to find a good way to do it. So I decide to finish the back part of it and create wall art instead. Here’s how it came out, a Scroll Saw project.

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Mail Box Post Logo

Logo on the Mail Box

You may remember my mail box post video last year. The original plan was to cut out different seasonal signs to put on the over hanging section on back of the mail box post, maybe even holiday signs. I was going to do this with the CNC when I had it. I don’t have the CNC anymore so I went with a more permanent solution. A portion of my logo fits perfectly in this space. A good size for me was about seventeen inches. That’s the size I made my logo for this project.

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Ridgid Sander Knob Solution

Ridgid Sander Knob Solution

After using the Ridgid EB4424 sander. I started noticing what everyone was talking about. The knob that holds the belt attachment gets extremely tight and difficult to remove. I didn’t think to much about it, until Tommy at “The Shaving Wood Workshop” made a video. On the video he had a viewer write in a ask him; What he does about the knob? He uses a pair of pliers to remove the knob. This sparked a memory of a video I seen about a year ago by Steve French at “Wood ‘N’ Stuff” He made a simple tool to remove this knob. I took that same design and it worked great. Then I stepped up to the X-Carve machine and made one. In this video, blog tutorial I will show you how to make one of your own, three different ways. Just in case you don’t have a CNC machine.

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Scroll Saw Blade Storage

Scroll Saw Blade Storage

As you may know I just got a new scroll saw recently. I had this fear that I would loose the blades for the machine. After doing some research on blades themselves. I found out there is more then 2 sizes. I really had no idea there was that many sizes and types. Being fairly new at this hobby. I purchased a intro blade kit from Flying Dutchman.  The kit came with 12 blades of 7 different sizes. At this point I needed a way to store the blade keep them sorted and easily reachable. The best solution for shop projects is scrap or pallet wood. I used a pallet I found at work. Come to find out under all the dirt and grime it was hickory. After cleaning it, I almost hated using it. I have other plans with it don’t worry. Let see how this is built.

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Tetris Box

Tetris Puzzle Box

Simple thought, simple cuts, simple design. Easy right?


This easy to look at project, turned in to a 5 hour head ache. I had this little idea to make this box and though it would go quick and easy, I even had a plan drawn out. Well the fist two pieces wasn’t bad, then more part got added. Problems just compounded and it turned into a real pain. I challenge you to make you. A project that you have to do to understand. Continue reading “Tetris Box”