Woodworking Plans

Woodworking Plans

Did you know I have started making plan? Although this is a new process for me I do offer several set of plans for some of my recent builds. I will be adding more and more plans to my inventory over the next several months. Most of the time I’ll be doing plan for the project I do a video on. From time to time I will be doing them on past projects that I’ve done to build up inventory and to catch my self up to date. Leave me a comment if there is a pass video you would like a set up plans for. Check back regularly for updates. Continue reading “Woodworking Plans”

Plywood Cart

Plywood Cart with plans

Good friends at Tigerply .com and I is joining forces again. They are shipping me some plywood for a very large project coming up. They have agreed to fund my miter saw station that will be built this summer. You may remember the Yard connect four game – plans, Tigerply plywood was used for that project. The last time they shipped the plywood to me. It came on a semi-truck. The truck can not get close enough to the house to drop it. That’s why this cart was built. This cart can hold up to 24 sheet of plywood. Not that it would be easy to move with that many on it, but it can hold it. This will help with transporting the plywood from the truck to the shop, over 150ft. With multiple sheets of plywood being moved at once this will save my back. Plans are available in my shop. Plan are just one way you can help support the free content provided on YouTube. As always thank you for you support.

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Mini Beer Pong w/plans

Mini Beer Pong with plans

Are you looking for that one thing that can make a party go from good to great. This maybe what your looking for. Not only is it a conversational piece, its a game that can be played with up to four people at a time. A way to get away from reality and just plan fun. Easy to build, DIY project could be made from scrap wood you have already. If you don’t already have to materials it won’t cost that much as low as $10-$20.

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Yard Connect Four

Yard Connect Four Game

Do you want a fun game to play? Connect Four has been a family fun game for years. It’s one of those game if its set up ready to go people will gravitate to it. The game is easy enough to play. The object is to get four of your chips in a row, up-down, side to side, or at angle. It don’t matter just have fun. For expert players try five in a row. This is a much harder task to complete, but just as fun. Now let take the game to the yard. Build this life size game and your guess will thank you.This game will get your guess up out of the chair just to play. Have fun and enjoy. Continue reading “Yard Connect Four”

Wood Working Plans

I’ve had a few people ask me for a set of plans. I want to start making plans and get to a point where I can sale them. I decided to start making simple plans to get use to the idea. This takes a lot of time to get a set of plans together and make them readable and suitable for all types of people. I personally don’t have any experience in this field, but I’m willing to learn the skill if there are people that want them. I need your help. I’m asking you to check out this plan that I made up for my pen blank drilling center jig. I don’t feel that this particular jig requires plans. This was asked by a few people that wanted them. I decided to make them to help those few people also to learn how to setup a set of plans. Continue reading “Wood Working Plans”

Yard Yahtzee

Yard Yahtzee

First let me say in the video you will notice the word Yahtzee is spelled wrong on the bucket. I lost the letter “Z” in my letter template. Sorry for that. Other then that, the project turned great. My family has always loved the game Yahtzee. When I seen this project floating around on Facebook last year, I wanted to make this. You know how thing go, one thing led to another and time just got away. I seen it recently on Facebook again and took action. This project was a great chance to make plans as well. This is my first real attempt at making a set of plans. I think it went OK. Some things I will change for the future. For now they will work.

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Heirloom Cross/Crucifix

Heirloom Cross/Crucifix

Earlier this month my Aunt Pam passed away. She spent her life as a Sister of the Holy Cross. She dedicated her life to God. She also inspired me to build my Grandmother Crucifix, witch was her mothers. I have had this cross in my house for years and always wanted to build one. While the family was in South Bend, IN. during the funeral. We stayed over night at the campus of the Holy Cross. Within the campus they had some great wood pieces that I drew inspiration from. By the time I left I knew I wanted to build a replication of my Grandmother Cross. Here is the process.

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Tetris Box

Tetris Puzzle Box

Simple thought, simple cuts, simple design. Easy right?


This easy to look at project, turned in to a 5 hour head ache. I had this little idea to make this box and though it would go quick and easy, I even had a plan drawn out. Well the fist two pieces wasn’t bad, then more part got added. Problems just compounded and it turned into a real pain. I challenge you to make you. A project that you have to do to understand. Continue reading “Tetris Box”