IsoTunes give away

IsoTunes Give Away/Winner announcement

Pete and Eric Murphy from IsoTunes was nice enough to give me a set of noise cancellation earbuds. I have been using them for about two weeks now and I really enjoy them. I have notice a few things like the weight and balance. The don’t hang to one side or the other. It also keeps my phone out of the shop elements, because I don’t have to use the phone to mute or take a call. This has sold me on the product along with the great sound and hearing protection. Let me tell ya, if you didn’t use protection before or not much at all, after a day of using these you will realize how loud your machines are. I want you to enjoy them as well. Lets do a give away.

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Yard Dominoes

Yard Dominoes

I was ask to make a Yard Dominoes set by a customer. It came at a perfect time, there also a wooden game challenge as well setup by Jason Rausch. The challenge is to make a game using wood and make a video by July 8th. No prizes on this one just for fun. I made the set for the customer got paid and submitted the video for the challenge. WIN, WIN.

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Pen speed Challenge

David Picciuto at Make Something released a video “How fast can I turn this pen?” at the end of the video he challenge everyone to beat his time of 18: 21:00. If you do beat his time and make a video of it he will share your video on his social media network. David has some rules: 1. You must have a clock in your video. 2. Your video cannot have any cuts (sped up is fine) 3. YOU MUST BE SAFE! SAFE! SAFE! SAFE!
Thank You David this is a fun challenge. Lets do this!!!

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Makers Care Boeing 747

Boeing 747 Air Plane

Steve Ramsey wanted to draw awareness to the make-a-wish foundation. He also created a new web site Makers Care. It’s purpose is to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. His act is asking everyone to make an air plane. He says, “one of the high expense Make-A-Wish has is travel” his idea was to make an air plane using any material you want. Obviously I choice wood, maple to be exact. On with the build.

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Contest Update

The contest was a great success, but it time to put this to rest. I want to first thank MICROJIG for sponsoring the contest and stepping up with some great prizes. I also want to thank all the news letter, and YouTuber subscribers.

For all the new viewer I try to stay with a schedule. When I due shop updates they are on Thursday’s and build video’s on most Friday’s. The weekly newsletters go out on Mondays.

Please stay tuned to future projects and newsletters.

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Pizza Cutter (2015 Kitchen Utensil Build Challenge)

If you haven’t notice a large group of YouTube woodworkers got together and we all made a Kitchen Utensil, I’ll put the whole list and links at the bottom. This challenge was put out by Patrick Workshop, Nick Ferry, and Ted Alexander. Perfect way to reach a large group of people by everyone making a videos and releasing them all at the same time and day. Their was a few rules we had to follow. Continue reading “Pizza Cutter (2015 Kitchen Utensil Build Challenge)”