Retractable Green Screen

Retractable Green Screen

I have had a green screen for a few years now. I never use it, because of light issues and didn’t have any where to hang it. I have fixed both those problems. The first was the lighting. I have added three 4′ lights to the shop that greatly improves the over all brightness. To fix the hanging of the green screen I have came up with a way the make it retract up to the ceiling. The screen is 5′ X 10′ and I get plenty of coverage.  lets take a look at the design for the retractable Green Screen. Any and all links for materials will be below.  Continue reading “Retractable Green Screen”

Quick Disconnect System

Quick Disconnect System for your tools

I know, i cant be the only one that gets tired of wrapping up the cords to the tools every time its in the way or when your ready to clean up for the day. I think i have came up with a quick disconnect system to install on yours tools. I use a combination of IEC connectors and came up with a “festool like” system for cord management.

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Drill Bit Storage Cabinet

Drill Bit Storage Cabinet

I needed to get all my drill bits in one place. This cabinet is going to fit under the drill press and store all the drill bit in my shop. Including the Kiss Drill Bit System from FastCap. This can also be used for a bench top drill press stand. Add some wheels maybe go a bit higher with the cabinet this could be a good solution for those bench top drill presses.

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Hickory Box

Hickory box with Gorilla glue finish

I set out to accomplish two things with this build. One I wanted to try this new finish method I learned from “Ask This Old House” The showed a method of using Gorilla Glue for a finish and it turn out awesome. It looked easy enough so I wanted to do it. Second, I never build a box using grain matching techniques before. I wanted the grain to wrap around the box, also book match the lid panel.  That was the whole plan behind this build.

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Woodworking Plans

Woodworking Plans

Did you know I have started making plan? Although this is a new process for me I do offer several set of plans for some of my recent builds. I will be adding more and more plans to my inventory over the next several months. Most of the time I’ll be doing plan for the project I do a video on. From time to time I will be doing them on past projects that I’ve done to build up inventory and to catch my self up to date. Leave me a comment if there is a pass video you would like a set up plans for. Check back regularly for updates. Continue reading “Woodworking Plans”

Assembly Table W/Plans

Assembly Table

Now that the miter station is pretty much done. I have room and a need for an assembly table. This is one of those projects that has been way over due. I have use the out feed table as an assembly table for years. This works, but you end up having to move a lot of stuff to make the next cut. A dedicated assembly table is the answer.  Plans are available for this build.

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Shop Update

Shop Update

I have bee really busy getting the miter saw station done. Over the last few weeks I have been spending my free time in the shop working on it. Well good new I just wrapped up the last little bit tonight. and work on the video edit for video 3. Video 2 is about to release and sense you follow me here I’ll share the unlisted link with you. Let take a look at some pictures.

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Plywood Cart

Plywood Cart with plans

Good friends at Tigerply .com and I is joining forces again. They are shipping me some plywood for a very large project coming up. They have agreed to fund my miter saw station that will be built this summer. You may remember the Yard connect four game – plans, Tigerply plywood was used for that project. The last time they shipped the plywood to me. It came on a semi-truck. The truck can not get close enough to the house to drop it. That’s why this cart was built. This cart can hold up to 24 sheet of plywood. Not that it would be easy to move with that many on it, but it can hold it. This will help with transporting the plywood from the truck to the shop, over 150ft. With multiple sheets of plywood being moved at once this will save my back. Plans are available in my shop. Plan are just one way you can help support the free content provided on YouTube. As always thank you for you support.

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Mini Beer Pong w/plans

Mini Beer Pong with plans

Are you looking for that one thing that can make a party go from good to great. This maybe what your looking for. Not only is it a conversational piece, its a game that can be played with up to four people at a time. A way to get away from reality and just plan fun. Easy to build, DIY project could be made from scrap wood you have already. If you don’t already have to materials it won’t cost that much as low as $10-$20.

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