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There are times I get asked what camera equipment, what software, and what tools I use. I thought this might be a way to refer anyone who ask and give you a better idea of what kind of equipment I like to use. Of coarse I have some updates to do and other tools. The list below is a good start to my collection and will continue to add to this list and refer anyone who ask about what I use to this list. All the link are added and some tools has been updated sense I’ve purchased them. I provided the updated tool link, but have no experience with the newer version.

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Scroll Saw Blade Storage

Scroll Saw Blade Storage

As you may know I just got a new scroll saw recently. I had this fear that I would loose the blades for the machine. After doing some research on blades themselves. I found out there is more then 2 sizes. I really had no idea there was that many sizes and types. Being fairly new at this hobby. I purchased a intro blade kit from Flying Dutchman.  The kit came with 12 blades of 7 different sizes. At this point I needed a way to store the blade keep them sorted and easily reachable. The best solution for shop projects is scrap or pallet wood. I used a pallet I found at work. Come to find out under all the dirt and grime it was hickory. After cleaning it, I almost hated using it. I have other plans with it don’t worry. Let see how this is built.

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Drill Press Table Accessories

Drill Press Accessories

In follow up from last weeks project the Drill Press Table, here are some add-on’s. First thing that was made is a simple stop block. A very simple design to make use of the T-Track that was installed. The next thing that was made are roller hold downs. Is that the right name for them? Anyway that what i’m calling them today. They work very well for dowel joinery. Simply push your work piece on the fence and push the hold down against it. Let the wheels do the rest.

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Table Saw Paddle Switch

Table Saw Paddle Switch

There is a new word in my shop we don’t say anymore. It’s a brand name “D****” Let me tell you a small story. I had this really cool idea for a three sided poster. Have you ever seen those billboards that have three pictures on it that rotate out every minute or so. I wanted to do this idea with three posters. I Sketched it out in sketchUp and it required sixteen perfect triangles staves. Well if you have ever tried to cut triangle staves using a table saw you would know this is not a easy task to do. The required sixty degree angle cuts are tricky to get right and be consistent through out the entire length. What does this have to do with the table saw switch? Continue reading “Table Saw Paddle Switch”

Ridgid (EB4424) Sander, Oscillating/Edge Belt

Ridgid (EB4424) Sander, Oscillating/Edge Belt

I have been using my father in-law’s spindle sander for about a year now. I came across some extra money and I decided it was time to buy my own. I have seen the Ridgid Sander on YouTube a lot. I went to Home Depot to check them out. I ended up getting the sander and getting extra sandpaper for the unit. I pleased with the purchased and only regret not doing it sooner.

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Router Lift (using Jay bates’s design)

Quick Action Router Lift

Sometimes talk goes around in the woodworking community about copying other woodworkers. I use a lot of woodworker’s ideas and plans for a few reasons. One, if the idea or plan meets my needs, why not not use it? Two, I don’t have to put in the time to design and think up of a way to accomplish the task… A lot of time people will start with someone elses idea/design and in the middle of building it twist it into there own. I’ve done that lots of times. In this case Jay Bates has came up with a simple solution to one of my needs. My old router lift was OK, but there was problems with it. It cranked up to slow, It didn’t go high enough to change the bit from the top and it was a little off square. Jay has found a way to solve all of those needs in one built, plus he added a great dust collection option. Therefore, I have no problem buying a plan and copying the design. Since these are paid plans I’m not going to show you step by step. I will highlight and show you a few differences that I went with. Continue reading “Router Lift (using Jay bates’s design)”