Mike’s Mindful Minutes #16

MMM #16

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MMM #13 (Woodworking Community)

MMM # 13

The Bearded Woodworker AKA Matt Brander


Matt had some misfortune happen to him this week. His shop gotten broken into and a lot of his tools had been stolen. Even after the emotional roller coaster he went on. He posted this on his Facebook, “Some may have already heard that my shop got robbed the other night. The police have told me they believe it was someone who knew my tools where there by what they left at the scene. To whom ever they are that stole my tools I want to say I forgive you. I personally know what it is like to make horrible mistakes at a bad time in your life.” I’ve had the good fortune of talking to Matt for the last 6 months or so. He is a true gentleman and a great woodworker. He is so positive about life, friends and family. I like to think I’m apart of that.

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MMM #11

Rich McNatt


“I enjoy building things, Lathe work and Case work are my go to, but I do metal work and a number of other projects as well, It just so happens that I get to make my living doing what I enjoy. I hope you enjoy my channel this is my ” PLAY TIME” for the most part but I hope you find enjoyment and inspiration in what I offer.”
After Looking at several ideas on sand paper dispensers. I really like the simplicity of this design. I’m also taking away an idea I haven’t seen on other wall hanging dispensers. The added heck saw blade to cut the paper will be a extra bonus for me when I build mine. Thanks you Rich for the great idea and keep up the good work.
The pass few months Rich and I have been on several hangouts together and what I can tell. Rich is quit, but down to earth Hes is a very talented individual crafting many bowls and putting his own touch on on each one. He burns pattern on the bowls, to come up with, what can only be called Awesome. A little intel on Rich he is getting a new camera soon and I cant wait to see how it going look. Drop by his channel and tell him I sent you.


My YouTube Sign

I made this last year the inside piece was made from a couple of scrap pieces of paneling. I cut the triangle out then painted it red. Then I placed the other piece behind the red one. Once I got the sign right, I frames it out with pine and panted it black. The inside part of the frame was tapered inward just a little. I think this gives it the unique appearance.
Thanks you for reading my blog, I really enjoy the MMM addition to the site.

MMM #9

MMM #9

Jason Rausch works for NASA, with out a doubt he is one of the Smartest guys I’ve met. He does a lot of electronic work that you may have seen on a few videos of his. During the AWL video he mentioned that he was at WIA 2014 and Jack Houweling gave him the inspiration for making the AWL.
This AWL I’m classifying, keep it simple Stupid (KISS). The handle was made from walnut with a simple shape and the sixteen penny nail as the AWL. It don’t get easier then that. Great job on the AWL.

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     “Mike’s Mindful Minutes”

Mike’s Mindful Minutes (MMM) has a new home on my main channel. I think this will make things easier for me to maintain. It can also help more people find the information. Thank you all for subscribing to MMM. I still want to keep doing the segment every Thursday. The throwback Thursday’s are fun to do. I think over time it will also loosen me up in front of the camera. If you haven’t notice I’m very monotone person, but I’m working on it. Bare with me between February 21st – 25th. I will be merging over the videos from MMM to mfwoodshop. Starting Thursday Feb, 26th will be the first new Mike’s Mindful Minutes. I would love for you to still tune in and give feedback.
Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to seeing you every Thursday and Friday. 

MMM #6

MMM #6

If you haven’t seen or talked to Stering Davis. Your truly missing out. A true gentlemen that is learning right along with us. A great scroll saw artist that love trying new things. Just recently he has cleaned up his shop and was kind enough to bring us along for the ride. The bread box he re-made last year was copied from his first project back in middle school. This inspired me to re-make my first project the sign/clock. Go check out Sterlings channel, he brought us the pallet challenge last year. Has grown over 3,000 subscribers in his first year. Can’t wait to see what he’s up to next.

 Here you can see the side by side comparison. I still think the 1993 version is better. What do you think? The new one is OK my daughter likes it even though she put her own touch on it. I had fun remaking this project and I was thinking about going at it again. Would you like to see that? If you haven’t seen my older video check it out.
If you would like me to promote any events or if you have a favorite video from last year let me know at  mike_fulton@mfwoodshop.com

MMM #5

Mike’s Mindful Minutes # 5

vlcsnap-00001Lets jump right to it. Izzy Swan you all know him as the big lovable shop jig master. He comes up with the greatest gadgets and the craziest ideas. The man is to smart for his own good. His mind is like a energizer bunny it keep going and going. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to him several times. A truly an impressive man that loves what he does and is knowable about art, metal working, woodworking, motors, electronics and so much more. If by some reason you don’t know this talented YouTube content creator here is his link.
I choose Izzy to talk about this week because of his outdoor finish video I seen last May. The finish is awesome. He recommended 30% MINWAX Helmsman Spar Urethane and 70% Teak Oil. The results was great. It’s almost a year later and still looks great. Thanks You Izzy for the Tip. I loved it so much I have saved this tip within my phone to refer back to it when ever I need it.
IMG_6831This project was one of my best project last year. I kind of wish I had the video editing skills that I have today to do this video. I thought about reediting the video to have a better results on the video. What do you think? Should I reproduce the video?
The project sits at my bothers house now. He hung it on his porch. The finish still looks great and the swing is used a lot. I had this swing at a craft fair last year and it really turned some heads. I got a lot of people looking at it and even had some bids on it. At the end of the day my bother bought it and I’m glad he did. It was the first one I did and was very proud of it.
 A handful of thing to talk about.
First: Check out Rock-n H tee shirt. You can get this shirt and much more from his web site. Don’t forget to sign up for his news letter while your there. That way you always up to date with his latest information.
Second: Fulton Woodworking tool company, No this is not my company, I picked up this bottle stopper kit at the woodworking show at the fair grounds. I have to admit the only reason I got it was of the name. I’m glad I got it, it works very well and a quick and easy way to make bottle stoppers and fast. Check out the picture that my wife did. This was the first bottle stoppers made with this kit.
Third: The pens from last weeks video that my wife and I turned. The winner will be announced here on my website on the Feb 1st, 2015 at 10:00am est. Be sure to come back and see if you won.