10,000 Subscribers

10,000 Subscribers

On May 9th, 2014 at 3:45pm I uploaded my first YouTube video. With no attention of gaining traction or any followers. I uploaded a video to enter a contest put on by Summers Woodworking. I made a deck on wooden playing cards from a 2×4. It was not a great video just a slide show of picture. Now nearly three years later. I have built and reach one of my goals. I could not be more pleased with the woodworking community and my followers. 10,000 subscribers, WOW!!!!

Thank You so much!!!

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My Equipment

There are times I get asked what camera equipment, what software, and what tools I use. I thought this might be a way to refer anyone who ask and give you a better idea of what kind of equipment I like to use. Of coarse I have some updates to do and other tools. The list below is a good start to my collection and will continue to add to this list and refer anyone who ask about what I use to this list. All the link are added and some tools has been updated sense I’ve purchased them. I provided the updated tool link, but have no experience with the newer version.

Last Time Updated


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A Maker’s Christmas Poem Collaboration

A Maker’s Christmas Poem Collaboration 2016

In 2015, I put together a cast full of makers to read “T’was the night before Christmas” This year I was asked to do it again and full cast showed up and completed two poems this year. The first poem “Christmas is nearly upon us” The second “It’s Christmas Time” Take a look at the line up this year.

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Branding Iron

Branding Iron

I have received my new branding iron in the mail today. A huge Thank You to Tony Rouleau. If you don’t know Tony is a machinist by day and has been doing several branding irons on the side. I contacted him a few weeks ago and set up my order with him. He said there was a six week turn around. I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me that it means its worth it. He did a fantastic job on my iron . I wanted to share a few pictures of the iron.

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Makers Care Boeing 747

Boeing 747 Air Plane

Steve Ramsey wanted to draw awareness to the make-a-wish foundation. He also created a new web site Makers Care. It’s purpose is to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. His act is asking everyone to make an air plane. He says, “one of the high expense Make-A-Wish has is travel” his idea was to make an air plane using any material you want. Obviously I choice wood, maple to be exact. On with the build.

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Inventables Tour and Interview

After contacting Inventables, maker of the X-Cave 3D carver, my wife and I got to tour the facilities. Michael Una gave us a complete tour of the offices and warehouse. One thing I was very surprised on was the amount of inventory they squeeze into the second floor of the building. Let me tell you, they had all the parts for the X-Carve and material you wouldn’t think they would have. How many place you go that have temperature sensitive flexible sheets and stacks of plywood? With a high standard quality control in place to make sure you get your order right. Inventables can be a great source of odd and useful materials.

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MMM #13 (Woodworking Community)

MMM # 13

The Bearded Woodworker AKA Matt Brander


Matt had some misfortune happen to him this week. His shop gotten broken into and a lot of his tools had been stolen. Even after the emotional roller coaster he went on. He posted this on his Facebook, “Some may have already heard that my shop got robbed the other night. The police have told me they believe it was someone who knew my tools where there by what they left at the scene. To whom ever they are that stole my tools I want to say I forgive you. I personally know what it is like to make horrible mistakes at a bad time in your life.” I’ve had the good fortune of talking to Matt for the last 6 months or so. He is a true gentleman and a great woodworker. He is so positive about life, friends and family. I like to think I’m apart of that.

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