Business Card Holder

Business Card/Sticker Holder

I sometimes check out Pintest just to get some inspiration. I came across a cool business card holder. It uses a large marble as a weight to hold the card in place. It works from a small slope that the marble rolls on and hold the card in place. I took it just a pitch further and adjusted the  dimensions to fit my logo sticker.

Zebrawood is the main wood used. The grain matches from front to back. Re saw the 3/4″ zebrawood make note the book match. I sized my holder to fit my stickers 3 3/4″ wide 1/4″ thick. Glued the panels to make a wide enough piece. Then drum sanded the panel smooth.
Ripped the panel to width 3 3/4″ rip a little off each side to keep the glue line in the middle. Cross cut the panel, keep in mind the grain, one piece is 1 1/4″ one piece is 4 1/2″ and the last one is 3″ the 4.5″ long piece will get a large slot. The slot will depend on the marble you buy. The marble I used is 1 3/8″ so my slot is is just smaller at 1″ I used a drill bit to make two hole in the center one tords the front and one in the rear. Then finish the slot with a jig saw or scroll saw. The 3″ piece gets a dado .5″ up from one end the same width of the thickness of the panel.
 The 1″ piece and the 4 1/2″ piece get a 45 degree edge. I choose to do this on my disc sander. I sanded till the two parts mated up nice.

Glue the Zebrawood together. Use tape to hold the joints while the glue dries.
The end piece is made of Ash. I traced the glued up Zebrawood end profile on a 3/4″ piece of Ash. Cut the part out on the band saw. The resaw the piece to make two identical parts.

Glue the two end panels on hold with a few clamps.
You can notice the grain running through the piece. The dark marble stands out.