Branding Iron

Branding Iron

I have received my new branding iron in the mail today. A huge Thank You to Tony Rouleau. If you don’t know Tony is a machinist by day and has been doing several branding irons on the side. I contacted him a few weeks ago and set up my order with him. He said there was a six week turn around. I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me that it means its worth it. He did a fantastic job on my iron . I wanted to share a few pictures of the iron.

From the packaging to the final project. Tony has thought everything. The handle is comfortable and just the right size. The handle has been reinforced with a shinny brass collet. I really like that he uses a threaded rod to mount the iron. This could be useful down the road to change out the iron. The iron itself is very well made and the logo is crisp. The final project overall grade in my book is an “A,” “Five Stars”. High quality and great people are hard to come by. Tony provides both.

Hillview Wood & Metal – Tony Rouleau

You can follow Tony on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Podcast, an interview by Maritime Makers.


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