Backgammon Board part 2

Veneer Backgammon Board Part 2

Picking up from Part 1. This time we will focus on the case work and finish. The board turned out great and I COULDN’T be more pleased with it.

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The case work is 1/2″ sycamore. I planned the work piece to thickness. At this point its extra wide and extra long. I setup a 1/4″ dado stack in the table saw at 1/4″ depth. adjusted the fence to be 1/8″ away from the right side on the blade. then passed both edges. this gave me 1/4″ dado, 1/4″ deep, 1/8″ away from the edge on both sides.
The joint is a rabbit. this hides the 1/4″ dado and gives a good glue joint.
Important to have good clamping pressure and let the glue up stand over night. you want the glue joint to fully cure.

After the box is glued up and dried. You will nee to SEPARATE it into two pieces. Run the box over the table saw cutting down the middle. On the long side cut all the way through. on the short sides cut most of the way and go back and cut the REMAINDER way with a flush trim saw. This is much safer and easier.
I used 5/16″ MAGNETS to hold the box together. I couldnt find a 5/16″ forstner bit. So I made this jig. its a 5/16″ steel shaft and i used 5/16″ drill bit with a depth stop. this drill out the hole perfectly to fit the magnets. Use epoxy to hold the magnets in place.
Simple hinges. They are mortised in. Marked out for the hinge. Removed most of the waste with a router. then cleaned up with a CHISEL.
Sprayed five light coats of 1.5lb cut Shellac. then two coats of general Finishes Semi-gloss top coat. Then a coat of paste wax.
Reinstall the hinges and enjoy.
Chips was purchased from Amazon

Watch the video for even more details.
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