Assembly Table W/Plans

Assembly Table

Now that the miter station is pretty much done. I have room and a need for an assembly table. This is one of those projects that has been way over due. I have use the out feed table as an assembly table for years. This works, but you end up having to move a lot of stuff to make the next cut. A dedicated assembly table is the answer.  Plans are available for this build.

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Started with a full sheet of plywood. Ripped it in half and then cut lots of strips. Lots of strips!
Glued those strips together to form a panel with the edge grain showing. I made two panels making sure they fit into the planner. Cleaned and flatten the panels in the planner.
Took those panels and glued them together to make the entire table top. Showing the edge grain of the plywood.
I got to use my new Miter station for the first time doing a project. It was very useful. Cut all the stock to final length using my plans.
Made two apron frames to tie the legs together. Glue and screws.


I used the Kreg drill bit to countersink and predrill and hole in the top to attach to one apron frame. Screwed the top to the apron with Kreg screws and flipped it over.
One leg in each corner held with glue and screws. Then using a spacer I put on the bottom apron, again with glue and screws.
Two options for feet 3″ Casters or Leveling feet using a hockey Puck, Video Instructions by TabLeft.
Add the bottom shelf, held down with a few screws. The little shop vac fit perfectly on the shelf. In one of the legs I drilled a hole to place the tip of the vacuum into Just to hold it out of the way. On the other side I added a power strip and a cable holder. The shelf also fit the Kreg forman.