About Me

         Thanks for visiting my site. Just a little about me. I don’t specialize in any one thing. I love working with wood products and really enjoy coming up with new ways to create something. I have been woodworking  for over EIGHTEEN years, and been serious about it for the last eight years. If there is one thing I love doing, as far as woodworking, is small craft style projects. I have done big projects and enjoyed those as well and they are a lot more rewarding, but space constraints makes it difficult.
          More on a personal note: I am 40 years old, a husband and father of two. I have a degree in computer electronics from IVY Tech State Collage.  I spend most of my free time working in the shop sharping up my skills and techniques to produce better and faster wood related projects.
          My future goals are to be able to do woodworking full time and produce quality hand crafted wood projects. I have been using social media tools such as Facebook and YouTube to get my new business name out there.
        Address: PO Box 2235   Anderson, IN 46018


             Here you can help support M.F Wood Shop. The donations will help purchase materials, shop upkeep, and new equipment for future YouTube videos. With your help, I can provide woodworking content that you and hopefully thousands can view at any time. I’m currently producing weekly YouTube videos, that you can learn and enjoy the art of woodworking. Come back periodically for more videos and updates in my shop and follow me on other media outlets.

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