Christmas Ornament 2014

Christmas Ornament 2014

IMG_6767     This Challenge was set up by Carl Jacobson at The WoodShop and Alan Stratton at As The Wood Turns, two amazing wood turners and worth going over and checking both of them out. The play list for all the other entry: Christmas Ornament 2014

     Glued three boards together 2 Walnut and 1 Maple between. They where 7″ long and 3/4″ thick 2 1/4″ wide. After the glue up it was a square piece. I mounted it to the lathe between centers and roughed the piece round. I had a design in mind with measurement so I marked the piece.

     After marking all the transitions I parted down to the desired depth. I began to shape the piece, mostly it was beads and coves. This was a pretty easy piece to pull off and its a great practice  piece.

     The walnut came out great, after adding 5 coats of lacquer and buffing with wax the shine is top notch.

133 Video’s up loaded on YouTube for the 2014 Christmas Ornament. How Awesome is that? Nice job Alan and Carl. If you haven’t check out the playlist go check it out. Don’t forget to give and show your support to all the entries.