2016 Zombie Weapon Challenge

2016 Zombie Weapon Challenge

In spirit of the season premier of the Walking Dead, a bunch of video creators has gotten together to make Zombie weapons. On Oct. 23rd 2016 at 12:00pm est. you are going to want to check your YouTube feed. Over 20 videos will be released all at the same time. Each of those videos should have a playlist link in the description, from there you’ll be able to check out all the other videos and consider subscribing to each one of the creators as well. This should be a very fun day seeing some creators make something that you normally wouldn’t make. As far as my project for this challenge, lets gets started. #ZWC2016 


A list of the expected creators to join in.

Mike FultonChris CuteMcGinn’s WoodshopAdventures in DIYManhattan Wood ProjectMiter Mike’s WoodshopAcero y RobleJason BoykinAllen RobinsonBruce Chastain – MakeBrian McKnightAlex 2QDave’s woodworksKaged Creations , Wood FrontierBCDesignShogun21Mitch DeitrichJohn HeiszMake CrazydaysBadger WorkshopJack HouwelingThe RedsmithNot Only WoodSAWBLADE PROJECTSJoe Basement Woodworking

It’s never to late if you want to join in on the fun use #ZWC2016 in your social media feed. If want to make a video details can be found here:

I keep my old saw blades my thought process was to have them all sharpened someday, well you know how that goes. So, I picked an old one drew a rough knife blade shape on it and cut it out with a grinder.
Once I got the rough blade shape, started refining the shape at the bench grinder. Then pick out two scrap pieces of wood Maple and Walnut. I place the knife down and traced it with a marking knife. Next I routed a shallow space for the blade. Place the second piece of wood on top with the blade in the middle. Flip over the whole piece and repeat .
Cleaned up the blade and at this point started sharpening it a bit. This would be a good time to heat treat it as well.
Assemble the knife, I used two part part epoxy  for this. Cut down the extra wood material.
Shape the handle to your hand.


Thanks You all so much!