10,000 Subscribers

10,000 Subscribers

On May 9th, 2014 at 3:45pm I uploaded my first YouTube video. With no attention of gaining traction or any followers. I uploaded a video to enter a contest put on by Summers Woodworking. I made a deck on wooden playing cards from a 2×4. It was not a great video just a slide show of picture. Now nearly three years later. I have built and reach one of my goals. I could not be more pleased with the woodworking community and my followers. 10,000 subscribers, WOW!!!!

Thank You so much!!!

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The video is almost every project from day one. If you think it took some time to do this video, you would be right. 🙂

Now lets go over some stats.

As of 3/13/17  (34 mouths on YouTube)
Uploaded 255 videos to YouTube. Currently making weekly video.
10,027  YouTube Subscribers and 822,417 views
3,206,047 Watch time minutes, 53,435 Watch time hours
21,615 Likes and 1401 Dislikes
Instagram Follower 1,427, Facebook likes 653, Twitter followers 1,341
145 website articles with 639 newsletter subscribers
Lets take look at these again in another 10,000 subscribers.