10 gift ideas

10 Gift Ideas

Every year about this time, you know “gift giving season” I personally find it harder and harder to find that one gift for that someone that has everything they really want. Over the the years I found that, even though they have everything they want, they don’t have everything they need.  Whether or not it’s Woodworking  or some other hobbyist you can always find something that they need. Take a close look at the hobbies and activities that person is involved with and find that one supply that they always use, always need or always has wanted.  For the Woodworking crew I have put together 10 items that every woodworker should have or would like to have.

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Empire Speed Square

ISOtunesISOtunes ProISOtunes Wired

Hardware Organizer


Rubber GlovesRubber Glove Box holder

GlueGlue Bot LGGlue Baby BotCA Glue,  CA Glue Accelerator, Glue Spreader KitPainter TrianglesGlue Brush

Drill Bit System

DeWalt Drill and ImpactCenter Drill bit SetCountersink Drill bit Set

Flush Trim Saw

Bessy K-BodyBessy F-Style

Amazon Gift CardLowes Gift Card